Public Education & Fire Safety

The Watertown Fire Department offers the following public education classes and fire safety materials:

Watertown Fire Department provides Fire Prevention and Fire Safety classes and also a Survive Alive House to educate children. WFD is proficient in coming into the area schools and giving a presentation on firefighting  and allowing for an up close look at the gear that is worn.  The children are also taken outside to view the fire trucks and Survive Alive House.

Free Fire Safety Flyers, Coloring Books and Fire Safety Manuals are available at the Fire Station. (While supplies last)

A Fire Extinguisher Training Course is offered free of charge to the public.  The class will include a training video and a safety talk as well as a live fire training exercise.  A class can be set up by contacting the Fire Department Administrative Assistant at (920) 261-3610 during regular business hours.  We ask the entity requesting the class provide the extinguishers.

A loaner program for Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors in case of malfunction is also available.  Residents will be able to use a WFD loaner CO Detector for 3-5 days until another detector is purchased.

Watertown Fire Department is proud to offer a loaner program for a residential Knox Box.  WFD can provide a temporary “Lock Box” called a Knox Box for 1-2 months for special medical needs for residents in the community.  This will give easy access/entry to the Paramedic’s in the case that an emergency medical need may arise.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact the Watertown Fire Department at 920-261-3610.